HP AMP 100 Driver & Wireless Setup - Manual & Software

- April 06, 2019
HP AMP 100 Printer Review - Free Download Driver
Running my own company, being a parent and having a small (very small) office all come with their challenges. I am always running around, trying to meet deadlines, maintain my family on track and endeavor to keep my office space organized all at the exact same moment. To put it back, I am a little (okay, a lot) scatter brained!

With so much happening in my own life that it can be hard to stay on program, remember where I put things and remaining organized has ever been a skill I have had to work at. That is why when I discovered the new, HP AMP 100 Printer my dot wracking woes started to fall off!

The HP AMP 100 Printer is not only a printer, it is an all round office helper! The HP 100 AMP Printer not just prints, it has built-in Bluetooth speakers along with Smart Amp technology that allow you to listen to music or take telephone calls directly from the printer! In addition to that, but you can also control your smart phone, scan, handle tools, and more importantly using the simple-to-use app HP Smart app for iPhone and Android.

I really like that the HP AMP 100 Printer is compact and small enough to fit in my desk without taking up a great deal of room. The printer includes everything you want to get going, including ink, and a USB cable, instructions and power cable. Setup was a breeze after I downloaded the free, HP Smart app on my phone and within approximately 5 minutes I was printing!

I also paired the printer with my mobile phone so I would be able to take phone calls using the HP AMP 100. The very best thing about this particular feature is that, as long as the printer is within scope of my phone at the house, I will answer a telephone. So for all those of you who tend to misplace your phone as if I do, you don't need to freak out when you hear it ringing and can't locate it. Instead, just push the phone icon on the printer and say"Hello?" .

The HP AMP 100 Printer has actually helped keep me and my tiny office coordinated.

HP AMP 100 Printer

Microsoft is not the only business in danger from the post-PC entire world. With no PC (as well as ) do you really need a printer?

When faced with this dilemma HP's brainstormers have come with with an extremely intriguing and somewhat bizarre product, the HP AMP 100.

The printer, that for some reason Cannot Be found on HP's US website (but that Is accessible at Walmart.com) combined a Bluetooth speaker using a printer also has the following features:

  • Easily play music in your smartphone with built in Bluetooth speakers along with Smart Amp tech.
  • Take phone calls straight from the printerand keep your smartphone billed.
  • Printing, scan, handle supplies, and much more out of a simple-to-use program. 

Definitely aimed more for the dorm room the workplace, HP noted that the AMP allows you to take advantage of your own (clearly restricted ) area, with a streamlined design that fits your lifestyle absolutely.

Designed to be used with no PC, and with the anticipation you own a smartphone, file scanning is managed via the HP Smart app, which also allows easy printing from your phone.

The printer prices $129 in Walmart, and certainly gives yet another use for that very rarely used wireless printer at the corner of your home office, but for some reason I do not believe this product, in a progressively mobile-only entire world, will save HP's printer business.

Yes, the HP AMP 100 does print in both color and black and white, but it can also print directly from my phone. I can send that new recipe to it while I’m getting ready to cook dinner and not have to risk getting food or liquid on my phone as I check the recipe. I can use the Amp to scan new recipes in and keep them in a folder on my cloud drive and print out the latest photos while I’m cooking dinner. All while rocking out to my favorite tunes. That’s right, the HP Amp is also a Bluetooth speaker.

HP AMP 100 wireless setup
  1. Make sure that you have the latest version of HP AMP 100 driver, you can easily download the updated version of the printer driver software in the above. Then, check whether your HP AMP 100 driver is supported by the operating system version. Next, switch on the printer and computer and ensure that your printer and computer share the same network.
  2. Then, download the HP AMP 100 printer software from the CD that came along with the printer or download it from the official HP website. Then, follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation process. Next, make sure that you have selected the right connection type if you are prompted.
  3. You should use Windows Vista or Mac OS X 10.5 operating system, the printer software requires some compatibility check before starting the Installation process. Then, ensure that you have connected the connected the printer to the computer using the Wireless connection. Now, use the USB cable only if your printer prompts you to do so. Then, retrieve the network settings, establish a USB connection between HP AMP 100 printer and computer.
  4. Now, connect your computer to the network over 2.4 GHz and connect your printer to the device using the setup method. The printer does not use static IP address in auto connect mode.

HP AMP 100 Software Installation
  1. HP full feature print driver and software installation helps with wireless print drivers, connection, and other scanning and printing management.
  2. You can either get the software from the CD that came along with your printer or from the HP official website.
  3. The Installation process will usually begin instantly after downloading the software. Before selecting continue, complete the HP AMP 100 Wireless Setup.

OS Required :
Apple MacOS X 10.10, Apple OS X 10.11 El Capitan, Apple macOS Sierra 10.12, Linux, Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows XP (32-bit) SP3, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1

HP AMP Printer series Full Feature Software and Drivers
Windows (32 & 64 Bit)
HP AMP Printer series Firmware Update Windows 
HP Easy Start for Windows Printer Utility Software Windows 
HP Easy Start for Mac OS
HP AMP Printer series Firmware Update for Mac OS

Steps to Uninstall HP Driver:
  1. Go to ‘Control Panel,'
  2. Choose‘Uninstall a Program,'
  3. Search the driver for your HP printer,
  4. Click “Uninstall” on HP driver,
  5. Finish.


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