HP LaserJet Pro M15w Driver & Wireless Setup - Manual & Software

- February 09, 2019
HP LaserJet Pro M15w Driver & Wireless Setup - Manual & Software 
The HP LaserJet Pro M15w is directed squarely at the flourishing micro market along with the legions of workers whose residence is their workplace, since HP's most recent laserjet is not only the smallest in its course, but the lowest priced too. It is a very basic print-only monochrome machine with just 1 input tray that will only take A4 and a couple smaller paper sizes. You will not find fancy features like duplex printing here and if you demand a flatbed scanner, then you need to await the styled HP LaserJet Guru MFP 28w.

What the M15w provides is a quick printing (19ppm), together with all the economy and consistency connected with laserjet technology, at a compact device that takes up little more desk space in relation to a sheet of A4. And even though there are only a few attributes on board (there's not even an LCD screen ) it comes with Wi-Fi and is supported through an superb smartphone program, which makes setup easy and provides functionality such as printing and scanning in the cloud.

HP LaserJet Pro M15w at Walmart for $79.98


HP has designed the LaserJet Pro M15w for the micro office and who would begrudge such an unobtrusive printer on their desk at home? The 2 holes fold away neatly, so the footprint is only a little larger than a sheet of A4, and it stands no taller than the typical smartphone.

There is no LCD screen and just three buttons, which did not prove to be a disadvantage. It makes no sound at all in silent mode, so this printer will not distract you as you are working. Actual printing it is rather noisy, but it prints quickly, so it will not irritate you .


To keep the size and cost of the HP LaserJet Pro M15w into a minimum, the feature-set can be somewhat minimised. Other sizes can not be fed indoors.

There's no space for multiple ink cartridges, so the HP LaserJet Guru M15w is purely monochrome just and regrettably, it could print on only one side of the page. If you want dual-side printing, you have to flip the paper on your own and feed it back .

Print speed is fast at 19ppm, but , you can not alter the speed, or level of your printing. There's no scanner within this particular model, however the outstanding companion app lets you utilise your smartphone to scan and print documents wirelessly. The free HP Smart program also enables you to print from the cloud together with assistance for Google Docs, Dropbox and Evernote plus it makes it exceptionally easy to do so.

You may connect the HP LaserJet Pro M15w for your home network through Wi-Fi, or use Wi-Fi Direct if your network goes down. And in case your own Wi-Fi fails you fully, there is obviously the USB port in the back. HP has thoughtfully included a USB cable in the box.

The HP LaserJet Pro M15w also gets the sense to switch off and save power when you are not using it. The boot up time is quite quick, so this is a valuable attribute.

Benefits of setup

As a result of some slick smartphone app, the HP LaserJet Pro M15w is probably the simplest to set up, of almost any printer we have tested. Only turn the printer on and the program will find its Wi-Fi signal and get it to connect your network. As an alternative, you can link via Wi-Fi Direct, or the USB cable.

The printer's startup time is quite prompt too (8.4 seconds), so we had been printing files literally moments after opening the box.


The HP LaserJet Pro M15w printed immediately and reliably throughout the evaluation and churns out pages at least as fast as its own quoted 19ppm, or even faster. A4 and A5 paper moves though so quickly that it's almost a surprise to see anything else printed on it whatsoever. Only DL envelopes appeared to slow it down, because they simply just fit in the dish and then rub on the sides along the road through.

It is only a shame you can't decide to sacrifice a tiny print speed to gain some print quality, since the text is a bit too light and pale. The outcomes are similar to a full size laser printer onto its express, or draft setting. And when you reduce the point size to eight, or two, it becomes rather difficult to go a lack of detail. The issue is that the print resolution is quite low at 600 x 600 dpi. On the flip side, the results are consistent and very small text is at least immune to smearing, as is the case with equivalent inkjet versions.

Photographs, printed in white and black, arrive at the output bin at exactly the same breakneck speed, and in addition, they suffer from a restriction in resolution. But the HP LaserJet Pro M15w isn't designed for photos; it is created for encrypting text documents. However, once you are making a great deal of pages, the one feature you truly do want on your checklist, is duplex printing, because of this, your newspaper price doubles.

So the principal attraction of this HP LaserJet Pro M15w is its size, and its low price point. Also its distinct advantage over similarly priced inkjet models, because the toner won't dry between jobs, therefore saving significant running costs.


To set up an HP printer on a wireless (Wi-Fi) network, connect the printer to the network, and then install the print driver and software.

Step 1: Prepare for installation

Before setting up the printer on your wireless network, gather the network name and password, and then turn on your router, printer, and computer.

NOTE: If you need to find your network password, go to How to Find the WEP or WPA Key or Password for Your Wireless Network.

  1. Gather the following items:Network name: The network name is the SSID (Service Set Identifier).Network password: The password might also be called the WEP key or WPA security passphrase.A computer connected to your wireless networkInternet access: HP recommends broadband Internet access such as cable or DSL for software downloads, using Web Services, and getting printer updates.
  2. Make sure the router and computer are turned on, and that the computer is connected to the same wireless network to which you want to connect the printer. Turn on the printer and place it close to the computer and within range of the router during the setup procedure.
  3. Disconnect any USB or Ethernet cables from the printer.  

Step 2: Connect to the wireless network

Connect the printer to your network with the Wireless Setup Wizard so the HP installer can find the printer during the installation.

  1. Turn on the printer if it is not already on.
  2. On the printer control panel, touch the Wireless icon .The Wireless screen displays.
  3. Touch the Settings icon .
  4. Touch Wireless Setup Wizard, then follow the instructions on the control panel to connect the printer to your wireless network.

Step 3: Download and install the printer software

On the computer you want to print from, start the software installation, and then download and install the HP full feature print driver. It contains the wireless print drivers, as well as HP Printer Assistant software for scanning and other printer management functions.

  1. Go to driverprinterhp.com, type your model number, click Begin, and then click Download.
  2. Double-click the driver file with HP Easy Start in the name in the browser downloads bar or in the Downloads folder to start the installation.
  3. When prompted to choose your software and driver, select Full Software and Drivers, click Continue, and then follow the on-screen prompts to install the full feature print driver and complete the wireless setup.

Windows XP 32 & 64 Bit
Windows Vista 32 & 64 Bit
Windows 7 32 & 64 Bit
Windows 8 32 & 64 Bit
Windows 8.1 32 & 64 Bit
Windows 10 32 & 64 Bit
HP Laserjet Pro M14w-M17w print Firmware Update Utility
HP Easy Start for Windows Printer Utility Software Win
HP Print and Scan Doctor for Windows
HP Easy Start (MacOs & OS x)
HP Laserjet Pro M14w-M17w Firmware Update Utility (MacOs & OS x) 

Steps to Uninstall HP Driver:
  1. Go to ‘Control Panel,'
  2. Choose‘Uninstall a Program,'
  3. Search the driver for your HP printer,
  4. Click “Uninstall” on HP driver,
  5. Finish.

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